Children's Services

Whom do we serve?
0-8years olds who are diagnosed to be developmentally delayed, mentally retarded, autistic, multiply-disabled …etc.,separately placed in four developmental centers.

What are the programs?
Item of Bullet Early Intervention Programs
- Day Care Program:
offer 2-6year youngsters 5-day intervention program in the center.
- Intervention by session:
offer infants and preschoolers center-based or home-based training sessions,parents will learn together with their child.
Item of Bullet Inclusive education
  Arrange children with special needs to learn and play together with non-disabled peers either in community kindergartens or in our centers.
Item of Bullet Itinerary consulting service
  Team of special education teachers and therapists provide technical assistance to the local day care centers which take care of children with special needs.
Item of Bullet After-school program
  Offer school children with special needs group and individual instructional activities after school hours in our centers.