Adults' Services

Whom do we serve?
Adolescents and adults aged between 18-65 years who are diagnosed to be retarded, autistic and multiply disabled, separately placed in five developmental centers .

What are the programs?
Daily Life Skills Training Program
  To increase the level of independent living and community adjustment as well as to enrich clients’life experiences.
Vocational Rehabilitation Services
- Vocational Training Program: 
provide one-year job skills and work attitude training,and then transit the trainees to community job placement.
- Sheltered Employment Program: provide long-term and intensive vocational training and guidance in the workshop settings including bakery ,lunch–box making, cleaning mobile crew..etc, trainees are offered wages according to their production rate and work attitude as a token of encouragement.
- Supported Employment:
job coaches help disabled people to find jobs in the communities, and offer training as well as specialized supports to help disabled people to adapt to workplace, and thus help improve the relationship and communication between disabled employees and employers.
Residential Service
  To provide “institution style” and “family style”residence service to those whose family have difficulty in keeping them at home, focusing on daily life care and training, health maintainence, community participation, leisure activity, interpersonal interaction…etc.
Physical & Psychological Adjustment Services
- Sports Programs:
various sport activities for adults to choose to participate and to learn a sport specialty .
- Leisure & recreation Clubs :
establish interest clubs for those who are working in the community to provide outdoor activities and gatherings for them to enjoy friendship as well as relaxation.
- Encounter Groups:
to enhance “ work adaptation”,”appropriate interaction between men and women”, ”self advocacy”,”sense of safety ”through small group dynamics.