Our Program Features

Integrated Rehabilitation Service
The multiple- discipline team members including social workers, special education teachers, caregivers and therapists cooperate very well to improve efficiently children’s motor, cognitive, social & emotional development.

Conductive Education Approach 
For the benefit of young children with neuromuscular problems, the unique Hungarian model of conductive education is adopted and well founded in our children’s centers. Along with specially designed furniture and rhythmic intention throughout the children’s daily routine., physical rehabilitation and special education are well mixed and implemented.

Visualized and Structured Teaching Approach
In order to improve developmentally disabled persons to comprehend and adapt to the environmental stimuli, we apply visualized and structured teaching throughout routines, curricular activities, communication and work settings to encouraging outcomes.

Non-aversive Behavioral Approach
We adopt non-aversive behavioral and functional analysis approach to treat clients’ behavior disorders instead of punishment; besides, we emphasize finding out clients’interests and advantageous settings, application of positive reinforcement is our principle of instruction.

Publications and Professional Sharing
Over the years we have published sixteen volumes and software covering instructional curricula, pedagogy for children with special needs …etc. In addition, the conducting of various workshops, conferences and exhibitions to promote related professional knowledge and techniques has always been an important part of our annual work objectives.