Facing the great need of good-quality care and training services for developmentally disabled children in Taiwan, “The First Children’s Development Centre” was established in Taipei City in 1980. Since then, in response to the increasing needs island-wide, we have stably expanded the range of services in terms of training targets as well as service contents, and hence transforming ourselves in 1997 into a nationwide social welfare foundation. Currently, within the 12 service centers , we serve about 800 disabled persons of various types at different age levels;besides, we conduct many outreach programs. Our service programs are classified into four main categories:“children’s services”, “adults’ services”and “rehabilitation & assistive technology services”, “family supportive services”.

Help those with developmental delay and disabled conditions to obtain satisfactory progress and quality life careers through our warm attitude and professional services.

To become the first choice among the service providers for those with developmental delay and various disabilities.